Monday, December 13, 2010

Lightly Toasted

Sepia for last week's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge in Luna Jubilee's blog.

I had fun wandering around the New Babbage sims. This was taken near the port. It's a steampunk sim so it's properly sepia in color. And it's really beautiful with it's drifts of snow and wintery feel especially with midnight settings. And I have a lot of browns in my inventory so the color was easy enough to find.

Outfit - Silent Sparrow's Sweeny in Sepia (May 2009)

Hair - Gamma Sepia - I can't seem to find out who made it. It says "loading" under creator. (Jan 2010)

Boots - Cherry Aura Ankle Boots from House of London - Apr 2010

Skin - Immi Sepia (are you seeing a trend here in the names? heh) made by the illustrious Sileny Noel of Mango Mango (Dec 2010)

Makeup - .:Glamorize:. Vixen Lips - Brown - (Nov 2010) Still available. Comes in 40 shades with a lovely toothy look. One of the best I've seen at least for my shape and at a great price.

Pose - ~N~ DefyGravity6 by Niquotine. (Dec 2009) No longer available.

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Golden.

Goldenrod is the color for week 3. Some people compare it to the color of baby poo or the end result of a bad bout with a stomach bug. But in the end, it's all about the accessories: four violins with bows, snow, dirty ice, dead reeds, a rusted train and a field of golder - dead grain stalks.

Since I'm not allowing myself to buy anything for the challenge and it has to be completely what I already have in my inventory, I thought this might be a serious challenge. But, it worked out okay.

I scrimped on the accessories. I didn't even think about it. I never seem to wear jewelry much or even footwear for that matter. But I have violins! And dead grass! And a rusty train! I don't need no stinking accessories!

But no shoes?

Why not?


I don't know?

Yet, I do love my boots and shoes.

And hair.

And frou-frou dresses.

Location: IDIA Laboratories at the winter sim designed by AM Radio in Second Life.

Location: The Far Away by AM Radio in Second Life.
  • Dress: True Gold - Crissy Designs (May 2009)
  • Skates w/skating animation: Fluid Furniture(Dec 2009)
  • Hair: Novocaine Hair - Antoinette - golden (Aug 2009)
  • Skin: (Domestic V (not Domestic Violence, LOL Sorry, Mairead. Sometimes I don't know what I'm typing.) DV -01- Golden Age- Tia Skin - a very subtle aged skin with the suggestion of wrinkles that I only noticed today after I've worn it for about a week. It also has a peek of teeth, but the alpha makeup below covers up the lip. (May 2010)
  • Tattoo: Skinthesis - Tatt Makeup - Eyeshadow - Glitter Gold (Bold) - A very nice accent to the Domestic V skin above. (Nov 2010)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ag-Grey-vated Assault

I've been such a slacker. I'm always working on my inventory, so I thought, "hey, I can do this blog thing easy." Well, it's a lot more labor intensive than I expected, but still fun. And since Luna Jubilee has started a weekly blogger challenge that might motivate me to keep up weekly, it's definitely something I can commit to.

Grey for the "52 Weeks of Color" Blog Challenge {Week 1}
-- I'm a few weeks late in getting started so I'll play catch up.
  • Poses: DFO - [du4 poses] - The names of these poses are crazy! The top picture is "my whole life, I've never loved anything else v.2". The bottom picture called "is narcissistic, self-centered, and vain v.2". (09/2011)
  • Outfit: .::PeppermintBlue::.SailorCollection2008#02[[Gray]] - Includes two hats, stockings, two shirts, skirt, shorts, pants and stockings. (02/2009)
  • Shoes: Rosy Mood - Free Strap Shoes [in black] (10/2008)
  • Hair: Tousled - FREEBIE Heather [in dk grey] (10/2008)
  • Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Character skin MIA frx (10/2010)
  • Eyes: U-Neek [grey freebie] (06/2009)

Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Post

Every new blog has that first post. It's inevitable. No one can ever avoid the first post. No one. But no worries. Soon the blog will lose that new post smell and some kid will leave a crayon on the back seat on a hot summer day....

I'm bummed I didn't think of this sooner. I've tossed so much already. But better late than never! I'm now at 93k with a weight loss goal of 80k. I have to admit that is 93k not including the loads of random objects boxed up so that my inventory would look like it's merely fluffy and not the 120k of delicious collected Second Life bloat it would be without "Random Storage Box 1", "Random Storage Box 21, (you get the picture.) In my defense, much of my inventory is textures and odd scraps of builds and scripts that need to be cleaned up. But I can't deny a large percentage of things that I couldn't resist grabbing: the freebies, the quirky objects I just had to buy, the hunt prizes, the gifts, the glorious freebies that elevate our Second Life experience to that of -- well, okay -- someone that would need an entire warehouse for storage if this were real life. Ah, the glories of hoarding in a virtual world.

Okay, our first outfit for today will be what I'm currently wearing:

OUTFIT INCLUDING HAT - Fluky Witch with Class(skirt, striped orange stockings, bloomers and adorable hat) - (October 2008; Ghostbusters Hunt Gift)

SHOES - Shiny Things - Button Boots (still available)
EYELASHES - Dott Eyelashes -- MMS/Cachet
- (Ghostbuster Hunt #12)
SKIN - MMSZero_Light-Gift -- MMS/Cachet - (from the MMS Gift Bag for Females - July 2008)
HAIR - [Gauze] Destroy Brunettes - (May 2009)
SHAPE - mine

The sad truth is that I had sorted these items earlier today and I had discarded their original folder names. I think the hair was a gift, but I'm not sure. It might have been from the 2008 Ghostbuster hunt since I'm still sorting that folder. The only item I'm sure is still available is my boots. I will try to keep the outfits' original acquisition information intact. But I'm not making any promises.

And don't worry, it won't always be this pretty.

Oh, and this isn't technically, "a fashion blog." There won't be any links to stores although I'll try to make a note on all outfit details.